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Lunigiana2000 is the real estate located in the north of Tuscany with a lot of Italian properties for sale.
Our team is composed by a lot of people who work in the real estate sector since a lot of years. We made years and years of experience and now we are specialized in the buying and selling process between Italy and abroad.

If you choose to buy a new house, Lunigiana2000 is very pleased to help you also after the buying and selling process. We offer a lot of different services for who needs assistance.
If you need to receive a loan for buy your new property, we have a financial agent that can advise you choosing the perfect mortgage solution for your needs.

Italian property villas for sale

Lunigiana2000 offers a wide range of services to all those who want to sell or buy a property in Italy:

s, 240 fruit trees, 60 olive trees. The property comprises a big stable (space for 5 horses)and an outbuilding. A useful well with drinking water and a lovely little lake are included. The farmhouse, beautifully restored, with panoramic view, consists of living room with fire, kitchen, bathroom, tavernetta with fire, wc, conservatory on the ground floor and living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, terrace and covered balcony on the first floor.


race of 13 sq m, courtyard and garden of 260 sq m. The house is situated within beautiful medieval village at walking distance to local shops and consists of cellar in the basement; two entrances, kitchen, dining room, lounge with open fire, terrace , courtyard and garden on the ground floor; two bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor.


sement; kitchen, living room, bathroom and courtyard on the ground floor; two bedrooms and terrace on the first floor. Small garden. .....

To be restored
edieval town centre with shops and facilities within walking distance. The property provides 165 sq m of total surface area arranged on four levels and has a large panoramic terrace of 26 sq m. Two cellars in the basement; two entrances, kitchen and large living room on the ground floor; wo bedrooms and small balcony on the first floor; bedroom, bathroom and terrace on the second âtop floor. .....

In our office you can find also legal assistance during the process of the buying and selling. Our office workers can give you all the information about the money transfer for buy the new house or everything you want to know about the local taxation and the annual rate that you have to pay here in italy for your property.

If you have to restore your new property your first stop is to employ either an architect or a geometra. Depending on the scale of work you're doing he'll draw up plans and steer your planning application through the planning office of the local. It's the comune which will grant you planning permission for your house in Italy.

If you haven't employed yet an architect, we usually work with a lot of them, so you can obtain special fees for the restore of your new Italian properties.
In our archive there are a lot of property for sale, you can find beautiful Italian villas, or apartment located in the centre of the most beautiful Italian cities like Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, but we are specialize overall for what concern the area between Liguria and Tuscany. In Lunigiana we have a lot of solution for you. We have privy farmhouses located near the woods, where you can spend holidays dipped in a charming atmosphere of silent and wild nature.

In our archive you can also find luxury villas available for sale or for rent also for short period. A lot of them are available with beautiful swimming pool and charming gardens in witch you can entertain your friends, preparing barbecue, or making beautiful parties.

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