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Lunigiana2000 staff would be pleased to receive your suggestions and advices as well as your criticisms and bad notices, we will consider them carefully in order to improve our services, as our main duty is  your full satisfaction.

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Below, you can read just some of our clients’ testimonials.

  • Marianne and Fred Bernadotti

    We have bought and sold real estate in Germany, Austria, Italy, California, and Hawaii. Being a Realtor in California also gives additional insight into what constitutes professionalism in the real estate business.

    The services provided to us by the Lunigiana2000 Agency in Aulla; Gianni, Mara, and Paola, exemplify what professionalism is all about.

    We would recommend this agency to anyone interested in real estate in the Lunigiana area and would gladly provide additional information to any interested party.

  • Randal and Jennifer Faulkner, Donegal, Ireland

    Since our first visit to Italy almost 30 years ago, our dream has been to buy a property there. 2 years ago that dream became a reality with the help of Lunigiana2000.

    After looking at different areas e.g. Umbria, Le Marche, Southern Tuscany, we finally found Lunigiana, a wonderful undiscovered region close to airports, the coast, ski-ing ect.

    Having decided on the region, we found that the majority of agencies selling properties were run by UK ex-pats selling to UK residents and priced for that market. One evening, after leaving another of these agencies, and frustrated by not finding exactly what we wanted, nor at prices we could afford, we said to each other “there must be an Italian agency run by Italians that can help us”.  And as we walked to the car park in Aulla, there it was, the office of Lunigiana2000.

    We went in, and met Paola, who spoke excellent English, and ended up buying the first and only property she showed us – but that was lucky and they cannot promise that for everyone. Paola guided us through the whole buying process -  she applied for our codici fiscali; opened our bank account; found a fantastic geometra; organized the conveyancing with the notary, and more.

    Buying a property abroad is scary. You don’t  know the legal system, the banking system, the fiscal system ect. You need someone you can trust. We trusted in Lunigiana2000 and now consider Paola. Mara and Gianni  our very good friends – and if you are very, very, lucky, Mara might give you some of her mother’s homemade cake!!
  • Melanie and Peter

    “We initially felt daunted by the process of buying a house in Italy, but Paola reassured us every step of the way, and continues to do so. Even the sale was quicker than we expected – we first saw our house in March and the final signing took place in July. Everything went smoothly.
    Paola arranged all our official documents, bank accounts and translated all the paperwork. She even booked our hotel. We trust her completely and cannot recommend her highly enough. She truly has the patience of a saint and knows everything there is to know about the house buying process in Italy and the local area.
    Thanks to Paola and Lunigiana2000 we are now the proud owners of a medieval house in Italy and looking forward to spending many happy times there”

  • Fam. Delis - Netherlands

    Dear all,
    Without the help of Lunigiana2000 and especially Paola, we could never have realized our dream to own a property in Lunigiana!
    Lunigiana2000 has great knowledge about the area and she has many, many contacts, which should never be underestimated in Italy.
    We have been searching for many years in Lunigiana and visited with the team of Lunigiana2000 various properties and the locations and times were never to far out to join us in our search.
    We lost long ago count of all the emails, telephone calls and visits to the office, but it was always friendly and patient

    The final transaction was easy because of the excellent preparation from Paola and Mara with the bank, notary and translator.
    The after sale was unaccounted for and after 2 years Paola still manages with a smile some bills, oil refills and ICI tax, when needed.
    We have the highest regards for their experience and are very, very greatful for all our happy days in Lunigiana

  • Gerry Turnock and Betty Croston

    Gerry Turnock and Betty Croston wish to thank Lunigiana2000 for helping to find their “Dream property”  in Lunigiana. You were and still are so helpful to us. We knew we had chosen well on meeting Mara, Paola and Gianni. They guided us through all the legalities of purchasing property in Italy. We now consider them Friends not just Estate Agents.
    We have now owned our property for 2 years and love being there whenever we can. Through their hospitality we have now met other British couples who have also bought through Lunigiana2000. May they continue to prosper and provide the good service we experienced ...

  • Andrew and Julie

    Lunigiana2000 helped us to buy our first property in Italy. The firm is owned and run by professionally qualified Italians who know the meaning of good service and for whom nothing is too much trouble. Paola (their English speaking partner) listened carefully to our requirements and then reviewed in detail Lunigiana2000’s portfolio of properties,  explaining the pros and cons of each. She then took us out for a full day of visits.

    Surprisingly, she included some properties that she didn’t consider  right for us, but her idea was to demonstrate features and locations which in her opinion we should avoid. The last property we viewed was out of geographic area we had originally specified, but it received Paola’s enthusiastic recommendation as the best value in our price range. At first we were not convinced, but after a bit of thought we were won round and decided to buy the place. Two years on, all we can say is that Paola was absolutely right. The house is great both in terms of its location and its condition, the neighbours are very kind and the capital value has increased significantly. As regards the purchasing process, this couldn’t have been quicker ( less than 3 months in total) easier or more stress-free. Lunigiana2000 set up a bank account for us, got our codice fiscale, transferred all the  direct debits for telephone, water and electricity services and took us to the Comune offices to sort out the ICI and refuse tax paperwork.

    After the purchase, Paola assisted us to get mains gas installed and arranged for a local plumber to install a new central heating boiler, all at no extra fee. With such a positive experience behind us we wholeheartedly recommend Lunigiana2000 to anyone seriously thinking of buying a property in the Lunigiana region.

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