Traditional food

Lunigiana cuisine consists of very simple ingredients.

Such as edible field grasses used to cook delicious vegetable pies; flour, water and salt mixed together to make the famous 'testarolo' which is boiled and served with pesto sauce; or the 'panigacci' made of a batter cooked in red hot clay dishes over an open fire. They are then served as hot crispy pancakes (similar to pitta bread) which you then spread with a soft stracchino cheese and fill with mixed salted meats such as Parma ham.

Insaccati un alimentari

Lunigiana is covered by many chestnut-trees and the chestnut is the main ingredient of many traditional dishes like Lasagne bastarde, gnocchi mesci, pani del Fivizzanese, la marocca di Casola and the well known pattona, as well as pani di Po (bread cooked in old traditional oven), Agnino, Vinca, Regnano, and the focaccia made in Pontremoli.

Testaroli al pesto

Other traditional food: Agnello di Zeri, La spalla cotta di Filattiera, various dishes cooked with mushrooms, fagiolo di bigliolo, la mela rotella, il pecorino e la caciotta, to end with elisir di china Clementi.

Do not miss the opportunity to try our olive oil, our honey and all the other soft fruits.


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