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Lunigiana2000 offers special services to whom that need to sell a country house in Tuscany, especially in Lunigiana.

If you want to sale or to rent your house, you can contact us, so we send our agents to see your building. We'll take some picture of it, and with a detailed description we make a data sheet to put inside of our archive. Many people, especially from other countries, look inside of it to find houses for sale or for rent.

Italian property villas for sale Lunigiana2000 is a real estate agency specialized in buying and selling of country houses in Italy, especially in Tuscany.

We often works with foreign people, so our specialized bilingual team can help you in the handling of practices for the buying and selling process, or if you need to restore your house.

Lunigiana2000 offers a wide range of services to all those who want to sell or buy a property in Italy:

justify; text-justify: inter-ideograph; direction: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed; vertical-align: baseline; mso-line-break-override: restrictions; punctuation-wrap: simple;â>In private and sunny location, we sell building complex consisting of 4 buildings

with a total of 460 sq m surrounded by 76,000 sq m of consolidated land.

1) Stone farmhouse with patio plates stone, living room,

two bedrooms, terrace and bathroom on the first floor (kitchen),

another kitchen, two bedrooms, hallway and bathroom on the first floor (for renovation);

porch, five cellars, utility room and boiler room on the ground floor.

2) 50 sq m house: kitchen and living room on the ground floor.

3) Building of 60 sq m with four communicating cellars.

4) Stable Barn  of 60 sq m: two stables on the ground floor and barn on the first floor.

The property bordered by a stream.

Ideal for farm, animal breeding or for activities such as holiday

accommodation or bed and breakfast.

Possibility to extension of 150 sq m.




The best way to fully enjoy the natural and artistic beauty of Lunigiana is trekking.


Surrounded by the National Park of ’Toscoemiliano Apennines, from the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps, and two protected natural areas along the river Magra, including Filattiera, Terrarossa and Aulla, Lunigiana offers the best conditions for trekking, mountain biking and l’ riding. For there are 250 kilometers of trails and 14 seats leg of Lunigiana Trekking circuit, from Aulla climb the Val di Magra up to Pontremoli, before easing towards Fosdinovo.


Next to the Trekking Lunigiana, we find the STEL, the Tourist System Escursionistico Lunigiana, a escusionistico path that cuts across the area and connects to the Trekking Lunigiana highlighting the castles in the area, starting from Terrarossa castle, where two tracks are developed on the two shores of the Magra to reach the historic crossings of Lunigiana with Liguria and emilia.




12 km. from the exit of Aulla;


41 km. from the sea;


51 km. from 5 Terre;


91 km. from Lucca;




154 km. airport Florence;


96  km.  airport Pisa


123 km. airport of Genoa;




The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age and the discovery of a statue stele Treschietto demonstrates the human presence during the Bronze Age.


Bagnone is appointed for the first time in a document of 963 and the name of the village dates back to the name of the torrent that flowed not far from the castle, original nucleus.


The castle had a control function of the viability of the valley, important for the presence of the road beam of the Via Francigena.


Under the control of the Marquis Malaspina, Bagnone feud became independent in 1351.


A century later it became part of the territory of the Republic of Florence and later the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and remained there until the Napoleonic period.


In 1815 he came under the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, but in 1849 it was annexed to the Duchy of Parma and remained there until the unification of Italy in 1859.


Inserted in the province of Massa and Carrara, the town reached its present day territorial extension in 1894 with the annexation of Orturano fraction.


Bagnone is located in the narrow valley in which flows the river of the same name, on the left side of the Magra river.




The territory has an essentially mountainous morphology, dominated by the Apennine ridge, which separates the Monte Sillara. In fact, the village stands on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by a dense forest of pines and oaks.


In the Middle Ages and in more recent times, Bagnone has had a great importance due to its strategic location, being at the crossroads of major roads.

As evidence of this, we can find in Bagnone many places of artistic interest such as the castle and its church, the church of San Rocco and the Santa Maria church and the Piazza.


In addition, many villages are home to the beautiful village of Castiglione del Terziere with the castle and Treschietto and Iera with the ancient ruins of the Malaspina castles, places of dark legends, Corvarola and Corlaga with their marquis palaces, the nature of Mochignano, Gabbiana and Pastina .


 To visit the parish church of Saints Ippolito and Cassiano



ated in medieval hillside village overlooking the sea. The property is situated just 10 km away from the sea and 1 km away from S.Carlo Spa. Its present accommodation offers: entrance-hall, sitting room, laundry room and patio on the lower level; living room, lounge, bathroom on the ground floor; kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms on the first floor; bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, bathroom and terrace of 35 sq m with stunning sea views on the upper level. Solar panels and pellet stove. Energy class = F / Energy performance global value = 116,155 kWh/m2. year</p>.....

facilities and motorway access, semi-detached house with courtyard-garden of 20 sq m and terrace of 16 sq m. The property provides 135 sq m of living space comprising entrance-hall, large kitchen, dining room, cellar, courtyard-garden on the ground floor; bathroom on the mezzanine floor; two double bedrooms , single bedroom, small balcony and terrace on the first floor. .....

of 95 sq m, situated in medieval village close to shops and facilities. Three cellars in the basement; large sitting room, kitchen, dining room, lounge, old chestnut drying room, two bathrooms and terrace on the ground floor; living room with open fire and four double bedrooms on the first floor. .....

If you need some help for sale your house in Tuscany you can contact us, we are very pleased to help you. In particular we are looking for house for sale in Tuscany or in Lunigiana, the beautiful area across Liguria and Tuscany. If you are looking for a country house on sale in Italy you can seek inside of our archive, there are a lot of data sheets of houses on sale separated by location, or by type of house, or by category (houses for sale or houses for rent).

We have got a lot of houses on sale in Tuscany, especially in the area of Lunigiana. This part of Italy is famous for its beautiful countryside in witch we have a lot of housing solutions.

We have got a lot of houses available for sale in the area of Aulla, Pontremoli, Fivizzano, La Spezia, Ortonovo, Castelnuovo Magra, Massa Carrara, Alpi Apuane, Cerretto, Villafranca, Licciana, Terrarossa, Comano. In these places you can find a lot of country house, made by the typical block of stone, that you can buy for spend your Italian holidays with your family or with your friends.
In Lunigiana we have got a lot of houses for sale. This area is very calm and quiet, so you can spend very special moments of relax.
Choose one of our houses for sale and then contact us for receive more pieces of information about it.
In Tuscany there are a lot of interesting things to do. This country saw the bird of the Renaissance, and here we have a lot of element that witnessing this fantastic period for the cultural history of the world.


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