Agenzia Lunigina2000

Two of the most popular and typical dishes of Lunigiana are : the “Testaroli”, the “Panigacci” and the “Focaccette”.

The “testarolo”, made with flour, water and salt, is cooked in cast iron vessels, baked in the fireplace and served with pesto sauce; the “panigaccio” has the same ingredients, but it is cooked in terracotta vessels and put in the fireplace and served with soft cheese (gorgonzola or stracchino), salumi such as bacon, lardo, salami, Parma ham, etc, but it can be also boiled and served with pesto sauce, oil and parmesan and mushroom sauce. The “focaccetta” is made with corn flour, water and salt, baked in a wood-fired oven and served with soft cheese, salumi and sausage.

Lunigiana is covered by a lot of chestnut trees and for this reason the chestnut is one of the main ingredient of many traditional dishes such as “lasagne bastarde”, “gnocchi mesci”, the “Marocca di Casola” (chestnut flour bread) and the popular “Pattona” made with chestnut flour, milk and salt, covered by chestnut leaves, baked in a wood-fired oven and served with ricotta cheese and bacon.

The traditional products of Lunigiana are: “Agnello di Zeri” (lamb), “Fagiolo di Bigiolo” (beans), “Cipolla di Treschietto” (onions), “Spalla cotta di Filattiera” (a kind of salumi) and the mushrooms. Do not miss the opportunity to taste local olive oil, wine and honey.