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Italian property for sale in Liguria


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54011 Aulla (Massa Carrara)
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italian property for sale in Liguria.

Find in our archive properties for rent and for sale in Liguria and tuscany

We have a lot of cottage, houses for sale and for rent, apartament in Tuscany and Liguria, Beautiful places to spent you holiday in an Italian property. Liguria borders France to the west, Piedmont to the north, and Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany to the east. It lies on the Ligurian Sea.
Liguria is a beautiful country, near the sea and the mountains of the Appennino, here you can find a lot of beautiful place to spend you holiday.
In our real estate located in Aulla, near the city of La Spezia and Massa Carrara, in the beautiful land of Lunigiana.
This fantastic country, Lunigiana is an historical territory of Italy, which today falls within the provinces of La Spezia and Massa Carrara. Its borders derive from the ancient Roman settlement, later the medieval diocese of Luni, which no longer exists.

Italian property and villas for sale

Property for sale in Liguria - La Spezia
The Province of La Spezia (Italian: Provincia della Spezia) is a province in the Liguria region of Italy. Its capital is the city of La Spezia.
In this province we had a lot of property for sale and for rent, expecially in the area of Lunigiana.
In our website, available at the address, you can find a lot of property for sale in Lunigiana and in the rest of Tuscany.
The province of Liguria includes the beautiful places of Cinque Terre, the perfect places where you can spend your holiday in Liguria.

Property for sale in Liguria - Lunigiana
Lunigiana covers an area from the Apennines to the Magra river, belonging in part to Tuscany and in part to Liguria.
It takes its name from Luni, a Roman town, perhaps pre-dated by an Etruscan settlement, which became the principal urban center on the northern Tuscan coast.
In Lunigiana we have a lot of property available for rent and for sale, like a beautiful farmhouse with a lot of comforts, available for rent also for shorts periods, as you can spend your holiday in this beautiful area of Liguria.

Lunigiana2000 offers a wide range of services to all those who want to sell or buy a property in Liguria:

New buildings
with shops and facilities within walking distance, first floor apartment of 55 sq m comprising small kitchen, living room with dining area, double bedroom, bathroom and terrace. The flat is being offered for sale with furniture included. .....

To be restored
edieval town centre with shops and facilities within walking distance. The property provides 165 sq m of total surface area arranged on four levels and has a large panoramic terrace of 26 sq m. Two cellars in the basement; two entrances, kitchen and large living room on the ground floor; wo bedrooms and small balcony on the first floor; bedroom, bathroom and terrace on the second –top floor. .....

presented first floor flat providing 90 sqm of living space with courtyard, garage and cellar of 40 sqm. Garage, cellar and courtyard on the ground floor; entrance, lounge with open fire, kitchen , two double bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor. Independent central heating. Part of the furniture is included in the selling price .....

two-family villa, with private car park and land of 340 sq m. Its present accommodation offers large kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom. Cellar on the ground floor. The property is situated in beautiful medieval village. .....

Liguria is a very old name, dating back to pre-Roman times. Ancient Ligures settled the Mediterranean coast from Rhône to Arno, but later Gallic migration mixed and produced the Gallo-Ligurian culture. The region was officially subdued and colonised by the Roman Republic during the 2nd century BC.
Real estate Lunigiana 2000 helps you to find an italian property in Liguria.
Find a property in Liguria, Find an italian property

Find an italian property in Liguria and Lunigiana.
We have got a lot of villas and farhouse in Liguria and Lunigiana.
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