Lunigiana: the real estate market is waking up.

Time to buy

11 February 2020

Prices have fallen considerably compared to the past, due to the crisis.

Now it is time to buy, you can find very good deals.

With interest rates at their minimum, buying a house is more attractive than ever, not only for those who need a mortgage, but also for those who choose real estate to diversify their investments.

Lunigiana, an area that offers a qualified and rich in opportunities, is emerging and is proposing itself as a great alternative to tourism in central-southern Tuscany where prices are considerably higher. An area certainly very attractive to invest.

On the border between Tuscany, Emilia and Liguria, Lunigiana is a small region homogeneous in terms of landscape, history and culture that offers the visitor the spectacle of unspoilt nature dotted with evidence of the past. Castles, parish churches, medieval villages, villas and towers are surrounded by meadows used for grazing, gentle hills where vines and olive trees are cultivated, the green Magra Valley, beech and chestnut woods.

History has left a deep mark in Lunigiana, a land of border and passage for different peoples and cultures.

In the Middle Ages, merchants, armies and pilgrims travelled the Via Francigena that crossed Lunigiana to reach Rome from Santiago de Compostela. The strategic position and the troubled history of Lunigiana determined the birth of fortified villages and castles that are still preserved today, perfectly inserted in a mainly rural landscape. Nature and history are therefore the main attractions of this part of Tuscany that currently offers tourists bed and breakfast, farmhouses, campsites surrounded by greenery, restaurants and trattorias where you can taste the specialties of local cuisine. Nature lovers will certainly appreciate the beauty of a valley dominated by the ridges of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the imposing Apuan Alps, furrowed by the Magra river and crossed by numerous streams that make this land always green.