Rebuilding in Lunigiana after COVID19

Incentives for rebuilding

29 May 2020

This historic moment will surely be remembered for the unfortunate pandemic and all the problems (especially personal) it caused. At the same time, we will remember this period for the great effort for re-start and "reconstruction".

For the first time since the post-war period, important economic measures for reconstruction and economic recovery are being defined. Among these, the latest Decree Law 34 of May 19, 2020, the so-called "Relaunch Decree" provides important measures to support the construction industry.

It increases the rates of deduction for the energy efficiency of buildings called "Ecobonus" and for the adaptation of structures to the new anti-seismic regulations called "Sismabonus" to 110% to be distributed in 5 equal annual instalments. These deductions are recognised for documented expenses for these interventions, that will be paid from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021.

On the Ecobonus side, there are 3 main types of interventions:

  • thermal insulation of vertical and horizontal opaque surfaces affecting the building envelope with an incidence of more than 25% of the building's gross dispersing surface - for a total amount of expenditure not exceeding € 60,000.
  • interventions on the common parts of the buildings for the replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with centralised systems for heating, cooling or the supply of domestic hot water with condensation, with an efficiency at least equal to class A of the product - for a total amount of expenses not exceeding 30.000€.
  • interventions on single-family buildings for the replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with heating, cooling or domestic hot water heat pump systems, including hybrid or geothermal systems, also combined with the installation of photovoltaic systems - for a total amount of expenses not exceeding € 30,000

By carrying out the interventions provided for in these three points, the 110% rate can also be used for the other types of energy efficiency provided for by Article 14 of the aforementioned Decree-Law no. 63 of 2013, converted, with amendments, by Law no. 90 of 2013, such as the replacement of windows and doors.

Pending the implementing decrees, the interventions that will benefit from the so-called Ecobonus will apply to interventions carried out by individuals, outside of business activities, arts and professions, on single-family buildings other than the one used as a permanent .

Therefore, it seems at the moment excluded the possibility to take advantage of the ecobonus deductions on second single-family houses (villas and detached houses), while it is possible to take advantage of it in case of apartments and houses in the villages, such as for example:

Also for the interventions for the improvement of the seismic class of the building, the sismabonus are confirmed all the interventions referred to in paragraphs I-bis to I-septies of Article 16 of Decree Law no. 63 of 2013 converted, with amendments, by Law no. 90 of 2013

The same rates of deduction are also provided for the installation of photovoltaic systems, up to a total amount of € 48,000.

If you are planning to move permanently to Lunigiana, this is the right time, because you can take advantage of all the bonuses provided, such as renovating a beautiful rustic like these;

To date, there are still no implementing decrees that should be issued within 30 days of the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette, and therefore by 18 June.

These decrees will have to define the cases of application of the interventions that will be able to benefit from these deductions, as well as establishing the procedure for the assignment of the credit. The assignment of the credit for an unlimited number of times is in fact the great novelty contained in this manoeuvre.

Up to now, in fact, the client could assign his credit only to the contracting company, against a discount of the same amount on the invoice. According to the provisions of the relaunch decree, however, it will also be possible to assign the credit to financial and insurance institutions, which will discount the tax credit by 110%. This means that the expenses related to the planned interventions will be fully expensed by the state.

The transfer of the credit, in addition to being a clear advantage in financial terms, also exceeds the limit imposed by the capacity. This means that, while up to now a taxpayer could take advantage of the deductions on the basis of its capacity (for example, who paid 3,000€ of taxes per year, could at most recover 3,000€), with the transfer of the credit it will be possible to have a discount for an amount that does not depend on its tax capacity.

The process for the request of the deductions must be prepared and followed by professionals, both for the part related to the asseveration of the works, related to the technical and energy performance part, and for the fiscal part that provides for the assignment of the credit that will provide for the issuance of the compliance visa by professionals.

We have organized a dedicated team that deals with:

  • answering all possible questions for the evaluation of the renovation of a property
  • perform a metric calculation of the interventions and classify them by type of intervention
  • prepare the necessary documentation (technical certification, energy class certification, conformity assessment)
  • credit assignment
  • direction of works

The team dedicated to the renovations of Lunigiana2000, which makes use of the advice of experts in the sector and specialized companies, provides several "desks":

  • Information desk on renovations - general information and creation of the
  • Technical, structural and design desk - avails itself of the advice of surveyors, architects and engineers
  • Energy impact desk - avails itself of the advice of experts specialized in energy saving interventions
  • Fiscal and financial desk - avails itself of the advice of accountants and financial advisors
  • Construction companies - trusted by us, with whom we have an ongoing cooperation, operating under the direction of our experts